Josh Jensen: The Beacon of Cienega Valley

Josh Jensen was an explorer. An adventurer. In the 1970’s, he established his winery, Calera, out in the middle of the remote, inhospitable wilds of Cienega Valley. While his contemporaries were exploring the possibilities for Pinot Noir and other grape varieties in more accessible, and attractive regions—Richard Sanford in the coastal Santa Barbara County wine…

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Hot Brands 2020: the Wines that Defined the Year

It would be easy to say that there has never been a year quite like 2020. It was a year that tried us, that pushed so many of us to the edge, that separated us from our friends and family. It disrupted businesses and sales and the status quo. Every day delivered a new challenge…

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California’s Central Coast Winemakers Respect the Past but Have Eyes on the Future

From the late 1700s, when Spanish friars planted vines in Santa Barbara County, to the end of the 19th century, when French and Italian immigrants established nurseries and vineyards throughout the Santa Cruz Mountains, California’s Central Coast has played a prominent role in the rise of American viticulture. As much of that history slips away with…

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What Makes a Vineyard Designate?

There are two reasons for a winery to identify vineyard designate wines, as Eden Rift Vineyard has now done five times. Both reasons are in response to opportunity, but the opportunities are different. The first reason to have a program like this is in response to marketing department reports and focus groups, the second is…

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Brand Launch

It’s a funny thing, this winery business. Four years ago, when we took leave of our good senses and better judgement, we started down the path of creating what would become Eden Rift Vineyards. An old, incredibly beautiful, heavily tarnished estate in which we invested our dreams, sleepless nights, ambitions, future, and an avalanche of…

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When you look at the way history is treated in the world, it’s often treated as something in the past, but history is not past us; the creation of history is in progress all around us. The present is a momentary fulcrum where potential events are confirmed and plans become memories. It doesn’t slow or…

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